Eine Kraft, mit der man rechnen kann

Building on the success of its Centrifugal Compressor Water Cooled Chiller, Daikin has relaunched the DWSC/DWDC range in B vintage, which gives matchless performance with low running costs.

The DWSC/DWDC B is the latest in an array of innovative products to help specifiers and end users stay one step ahead of EU legislation and rising energy costs. It is available in a wide choice of cooling capacities and component combinations and has been developed to optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Maximizing performance at both full and part-loads, the new chillers are available with a choice of refrigerant, R-134a or low GWP R-513a refrigerant, in single or dual compressor variants.

Flexible choices

It is a range that definitely stands out for flexibility. The single compressor DWSC, for instance, provides excellent full and part load performance with the optional unit mounted Daikin Inverter. The dual compressor DWDC chiller, then, offers benefits like outstanding part-load efficiency, and system redundancy equivalent to two separate chillers, which results in a lower total installed cost. The dual compressor DWDC chiller, in fact, can provide installed costs savings up to 35% compared to installing two separate chillers by reducing hardware and rigging costs and eliminating second chiller piping and pumps.

State-of-the-art engineering

The flexible control logic of the Daikin inverter drive maps exact performance curves at every condition to minimize speed and still deliver the required cooling capacity. This allows the DWSC/DWDC B Vintage chillers to take advantage of off-design conditions and save energy for comfort cooling applications with variable loads - even for data centers with a constant heavy load.

The unique design of Daikin’s Inverter uses fewer internal components to create the optimal balance between cost and performance. Engineering and factory-mounting the Inverter provides, in fact, significant economies of scale, ensuring low in-rush currents to the chillers, reducing the risks of overheating and wiring deterioration over time for a more dependable motor life, also increasing durability and reliability.

Environmental impact reduction

The DWSC/DWDC B Vintage chiller range gives customers the possibility to choose between R-134a refrigerant, a chlorine-free refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential, or alternatively R-513A refrigerant, which has lower global warming potential. Both R-134a or R-513A can be used for lifetime chiller operation, eliminating the uncertainty of refrigerant availability. R-513A is an HFO/HFC blend (R-1234yf and R-134a) refrigerant. Its Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is equal to zero (0) and the Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 631 (according to the EU F-gas Regulation). Meeting the ASHRAE Standard 34 and classified as an ISO-817 Class A1 non-flammable refrigerant, R-513A is compatible with all existing application standards and building codes. R-513A can also be switched in the field, offering increased flexibility and choice for retrofit applications.

DWSC/DWDC B Vintage chillers are designed and tested to ensure the refrigerant stays inside the chiller. Because R-134a and R-513A operate slightly above atmospheric pressure, outside air containing non-condensable moisture cannot enter the chiller, eliminating the need for a purge unit to evacuate water vapor and refrigerant into the atmosphere.

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