Air-cooled cooling-only chillers: extension of scroll range and Shell & Tube option

In February 2023, Daikin extended its scroll compressor chiller range with R-32 up to 1010 kW by introducing a new air-cooled chiller series, confirming its approach in providing limited carbon solutions for process and comfort cooling applications. Daikin's second generation of R-32 chillers offers high full and part load efficiencies with an increased capacity range (compared to the previous 704 kW) in a new compact footprint up to 3 metres shorter than a screw chiller of the same capacity. 

On the 1st of April 2024, Daikin introduced new sizes from 180 to 400 kW cooling capacity and released the Shell&Tube evaporator option, available on large models (above 700 kW).  


The second-generation cooling-only chiller range with R-32 scroll compressors: features 

The new R-32 chillers feature innovative upgrades to improve performance and efficiency. These include a redesigned Daikin fan for increased airflow and reduced noise and a metal compressor housing for improved aesthetics and noise reduction. They also offer advanced features such as rapid restart, integrated sequencing, and performance monitoring, previously only found on screw compressor units. Available in two efficiency versions, each with two sound configurations, they offer flexibility of operation over a wide temperature range. To meet comfort cooling requirements, the range also offers integrated hydronic-free cooling for mission-critical applications such as data centrers. System monitoring and management is now simplified with access via a new Daikin mobile app. 


Compactness & operational flexibility 

The flexibility of this range of chillers is considerable, with an operating range of -30°C to +55°C ambient temperature, making it suitable for projects on a global scale. Daikin's commitment to innovation is evident in the design of these air-cooled chillers, which are remarkably compact. The compactness of the unit, achieved by redesigning the condensing section, not only allows the unit dimensions to be optimised but also reduces the overall footprint. This is particularly evident in the case of the free cooling units, whose configuration remains within the footprint of the unit, optimizing space utilization. With various free cooling configurations available, ranging from 150 to 1344 kW cooling capacity, including glycol-free systems, Daikin ensures significant savings on the pumping system. A relevant aspect of Daikin is its ability to provide air-cooled chillers capable of delivering an evaporator leaving water temperature of up to +30°C. This temperature range not only makes the chiller more efficient but also increases the likelihood that it can operate in free cooling mode and proven valuable in regions with mild or warmer climates, such as Southern Europe or Australia. 


Extension of capacity range and shell & tube evaporator to cover more applications 

On April 2024 Daikin release the new AC scroll cooling only sizes, with  new dual circuit models in the range from 180 to 400 kW. Its compressors provide high and best part load performance, and together with the new Daikin EC fan SEER values are comparable to variable frequency drive screw technology. Integrated Performance Monitoring Access, facilitated by the new Daikin mobile app introduced with the latest range, simplifies system monitoring and management and represents a unique feature in this product segment. Another relevant feature is Rapid Restart, offered by Daikin to reduce the impact of power failures. It incorporates a UPS to keep the unit controller running for 180 seconds during a power failure. With Rapid Restart enabled, the compressor activates within 30 seconds from power restoration and potentially restoring full capacity in less than 3 minutes.  

On top of adding lower capacity units, a new option has been made available for units above 700 kW capacity: the shell & tube evaporator. Indeed, there are a series of applications where the Shell & Tube (S&T) option is preferred. Many specifications for large projects include S&T, especially for applications where cooling supply is critical, as in industrial process cooling.  


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