An environmentally friendly solution for a company fostering environmental sustainability

A Daikin R-32 heat pump was recently commissioned for a HVAC project involving one of the many branches of the biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. in this project environmental friendliness of the solution offered was particularly important, as the end used is very focused on environmental sustainability.

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Units Installed:

1x EWYT-B- R-32 Air to Water heat Pump

Total cooling capacity:  165 kW

Total heating capacity: 176 kW

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Project Background

The project was executed in Muiden, where the supermarket branch required a new heat pump to meet the cooling and heating needs of the facility.

The supermarket houses fast food restaurants, a butcher shop and a bakery, and of course, being a very busy environment, really needs to guarantee a comfortable experience to customers.

Among the main aspects for this project, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness were those standing out, as the end user is a company that really fosters environmental sustainability, and they do that in every choice they make – HVAC technology included.

Main requirements met

Energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness were among the main aspects that allowed Daikin to be a perfect partner for this project.

The EWYT-B- R-32 Air to Water heat Pump installed for this project, is well-known for providing the best performance in the market and the lowest combined levels of direct and indirect CO2 emissions. That is possible thanks to the low GWP R-32 refrigerant, but also thanks to the best in class efficiency levels offered both in cooling and in heating modes.

With the EWYT-B- series, Daikin managed to offer a solution that perfectly balances Environmental impact and energy efficiency, but also safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

In fact, being part of the Bluevolution range, the EWYT-B- series benefits of all the advantages offered by R-32, aiming at significantly reducing the environmental impact of heat pump technologies for the commercial sector while still providing great performance.

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