Centrifugal chillers for a large office tower in Bruxelles

To meet the cooling and efficiency requirements of an office building in Brussels, Daikin supplied three DWSC water-cooled centrifugal chiller units using R-513A refrigerant. These units offer excellent full- and part-load performance and flexibility thanks to the single-stage centrifugal compressor equipped with Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV) capacity control technology, which optimises performance under any load and operating conditions. 



3 x DWSC  

Total cooling capacity: 5700 kW  


Product advantages 

As with all projects involving large-scale applications, as in this case, there are several requirements that need to be met, including: 

Control over operating costs 

This unit has been specifically developed to ensure high energy efficiency, both at full and partial load, so that end users can benefit from reduced operating costs.  In addition, the flexible control logic of our proprietary Inverter accurately maps performance curves under all conditions to meet the needs of the building. Daikin's unique Inverter design minimises internal components to achieve an optimum balance between cost and performance. This design also ensures low inrush currents to the chillers, reducing the risk of overheating and wiring deterioration and improving overall reliability. By adjusting speed to deliver the exact cooling capacity required, the unit optimises energy efficiency, particularly in comfort cooling scenarios with varying loads. This capability is also beneficial in process cooling applications with constant high loads, such as data centres. 

 On top of that, Daikin centrifugal compressors are designed for durability and performance. These compressors adjust the discharge area as the load decreases, maintaining gas velocity and significantly reducing the likelihood of stall or surge. 


Solutions to optimise unit operation and ensure reliability 

Daikin's DWSC centrifugal range is equipped with the Microtech4 controller, which offers a wide range of features. These include the integration of the iCM© (Intelligent Chiller Manager), integrated into the unit controller, enabling the development of advanced logic and algorithms at the unit level. The iCM© aims at optimizing the performance of groups of chillers, controlling the way every single one of them operates in the plant. This allows the system to reach goals with minimum effort, both in terms of energy consumption and mechanically. All this translates into chillers’ increased durability and efficiency, then generating operating and maintenance cost savings. It also offers performance monitoring functionality, allowing users to view unit performance on the controller display or remotely via Daikin's cloud-based remote monitoring platform, Daikin on Site (DoS). 


Solution adaptability to the application needs 

In addition, with this type of unit, Daikin offers the possibility of defining the best configuration for the required application, selecting design features specific to the project and maximizing reliability and performance. In addition, the new series reduces installation costs thanks to the flexibility provided by the infinite combinations of coils, gearboxes and semi-hermetic motors, which make it possible to provide the exact capacity required, minimizing the need for costly and oversized configurations for the actual needs of the building. In this project, customer decided to include the additional option, Knockdown Electrical Panel. This option was chosen because it provides an additional solution for installation in tight spaces. Specifically, the electrical panel is not installed directly on the unit but is positioned a few metres away to facilitate maintenance operations. In addition, the knock-down electrical panel allows the control panel to be installed remotely to accommodate space constraints in particularly small plant rooms. In this way Daikin was able to provide a tailor-made solution, which involves a sophisticated design approach that focuses on both the chiller's electrical panel and cabling, ensuring adaptability to different installation environments. 


Ease of maintenance 

In addition to the customer's request for a high-tech unit with cutting-edge efficiency for cooling the office building, another fundamental need was to facilitate maintenance operations. Therefore, the customer relied on Daikin's expertise in after-sales service and opted for two additional features in addition to the standard options to achieve this objective: 

  • Refrigerant leak detection 

Daikin On Site is an innovative remote monitoring tool that provides uniquely detailed information. It enables preventive action and helps to avoid the extra costs associated with breakdowns and downtime. This tool provides 24/7 real-time tracking of the behaviour of units and components, ensuring their correct functioning. 

On top of Daikin On Site, Refrigerant Leak Detection has also been selected, employing advanced technology with a proprietary software algorithm developed by Daikin. The software activates an alarm in the event of a potential leakage and reports the frequency over time. This provides users with a comprehensive overview of activity over twelve months, enabling them to act and implement preventive measures if needed. The Refrigerant Leak Detection feature can be integrated into Daikin's remote monitoring system and included as part of a maintenance contract. Upon receipt of an alarm indicating a potential leak, a fully qualified service engineer will assess the situation, either remotely or on-site, and determine the actions required for each specific case. 


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