Daikin Applied Europe Fiscal year 2021: thoughts and considerations

Daikin Applied Europe Fiscal year 2021 has recently closed. As every company in the Daikin Group, Daikin Applied Europe shares the traditional Japanese calendar with the parent company. Every beginning of April, then, is a special moment for Daikin Applied Europe to take stock of the things done over the year and think about the new goals for the future.

This past fiscal year was important, full of achievements and milestones, despite the difficulties we all have had to get familiar with.

Performing despite difficulties

The last Fiscal Year has been a complicated one. The Covid-19 situation has been affecting the lives of billions of people, both from a health and an economic perspective.

This crisis has had an impact on the great majority of the business sectors, including the HVAC sector, but Daikin has reacted with great strength.

Speaking of reaction, Daikin Applied Europe was at the forefront in the battle against Coronavirus, informing on the impact the sector can make with ventilation technologies that can help providing proper air exchange and filtration in buildings, a key aspect in the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus.

Then, despite the difficulties, Daikin Applied Europe has had the strength to push forward and keep innovating. That is the attitude that has led to the launch of the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller and Heat Pump – the latest addition to the “Bluevolution” family. This product completed the Daikin Bluevolution range for the Applied segment enriching Daikin’s portfolio with a product offering performances never seen before.

The factory expansion and the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller and Heat Pump launch

The new Small Inverter Chiller and Heat Pump Series is the result of Daikin’s will to keep innovating, despite the difficult times. This new Series was the result of an important investment, which allowed, once again, to develop great technology. But that investment also allowed to expand Daikin Applied Europe’s factory with an entirely dedicated facility to the production of the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller, which is produced in quantities that will always ensure the presence of a stock of this Series, always available for fast delivery.

The expansion of our factory is an important achievement. It is a recognition of the importance Daikin Applied Europe has in the Daikin group as the European centre for the development and manufacturing of Daikin technologies for the Applied sector. But it is not only that. It has also had a positive impact on the local territory, helping to create new jobs and start a recovery from the crisis started with the pandemic.

Daikin Fusion 25 launch

Another important moment for Daikin as a Group, was the end of the Fusion 20 (period 2016 - 2020) and the launch of the Fusion 25 (period 2021 - 2025), the strategic management plan which defines strategies for the business development of the Daikin Group for a five-years period.

The Daikin Europe group closed the Fusion 20 achieving great results despite important markets were negatively impacted by the global pandemic. The growth was not just financial, though. It also involved human resources, which is the main Company Value.

The overall growth in the Fusion 20 period was the consequence of the group switching from being a Direct Expansion-focused company to being a multi-pillar organization focused on Heating, Applied, Refrigeration, and Service and Solution. As a result of that, almost half of the turnover was brought by these new business pillars – Applied included.

With the Fusion 25 Daikin aims at consolidating and improving what has been achieved in the previous period, also aiming at “offering new value in environment and air, realize both contribution to sustainable society and Group's growth", and keep leading the HVAC&R market.

Daikin Applied technology becoming part of the L∞P by Daikin program

One of the first steps taken by Daikin Applied Europe to achieve the Fusion 25 goals was the extension of the L∞P programme by Daikin to chillers, starting to use certified reclaimed R-134a refrigerant for chiller ranges using that gas.

The L∞P program is a demonstration of how serious Daikin is about environmental sustainability and circular economy.

The L∞P programme by Daikin aims at creating a circular economy of refrigerants, supporting Daikin Industries environmental policy for 2050, and avoiding, every year, production of virgin refrigerants including both R-134a and R-410A for 400,000 kg per year.

This initiative is one of the many steps Daikin is taking to make the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) sector more environmentally sustainable.

Find out more about the L∞P by Daikin program for Applied products.

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