Daikin Applied Europe’s manufacturing site expansion

In the recent weeks Daikin has released the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller. A new product in the Bluevolution range, that will extend the possibilities offered by Daikin’s R-32 products portfolio, offering the lowest environmental impact and the highest energy efficiency ratings among chillers and heat pumps in the same segment.

The new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller is finally available on stock for fast delivery to the customer site. The new Series is already available for Italy and will be available from November 1st  for other countries as well.

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With this new product launch, Daikin has worked really hard to deliver again on the promises of quality and advancement in technology tied with the brand.

This has been possible thanks to the dedication of all of those involved in the project, at Daikin Industries, and at Daikin Applied Europe, despite the crisis caused by the pandemic. The effort the company has put have been a demonstration of the great will of Daikin to not back down in the face of the crisis, but instead to react.

While many companies had to pull back, Daikin had the strength to push forward, and despite the difficult time decided to invest and keep innovating.

In the midst of huge challenges this year, Daikin teams have remained focused and have not stopped working to innovate.

The new manufacturing facility

The Small Inverter Chiller Series is the result of an important investment, not only in terms of research and development, but also in terms of manufacturing facilities expansions, which are allowing to produce this new Series in a new and entirely dedicated facility for the production of this new Series.

Keiji Iwasaki - Engineering Director and Design Team Leader at Daikin applied Europe, said:

“The new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller required an expansion of Daikin Applied Europe’s manufacturing site. The reason behind this expansion was that this new Series, despite retaining the quality and the flexibility associated with make-to-order products, it is produced in volumes that will always guarantee availability and fast delivery of the units. That required a new and totally dedicated factory, designed with modern criteria in terms of building construction and facility systems, so Daikin Applied Europe could meet the needs of a production different than the one we have for large custom-made chillers.

While for high capacity chillers the whole assembly process takes place on a single dedicated assembly line, for the Small Inverter Chiller we had to go with a different assembly concept, due to mass-production. So, for this product we divided the assembly line in a main assembly line and sub-lines – the latter completely dedicated to the assembly of the piping and other components, that once assembled, are taken to the main assembly line to be connected to the chiller unit.

All that will allow us to have a different approach to production and keep up with the pace required for the production of a product that must be constantly available in stock”.

The LEAN manufacturing

With the newly built manufacturing facility, Daikin Applied Europe, once again, perfectly blends the flexibility of the Italian manufacturing and the excellence Daikin and the Japanese industry are known for.

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To guarantee the level of quality required by the brand, the new manufacturing facility had to be built taking into account the LEAN production principles. The LEAN manufacturing, is a manufacturing management approach aiming at constantly minimizing waste and make the whole manufacturing process as efficient as possible. It is a 360° approach involving all aspects related to the product, from the design and the manufacturing processes to the quality tests. It requires a complete involvement of all company’s functions, so manufacturing processes can be less complex and waste in all forms can be avoided.  

This means the manufacturing process will only include activities that will produce value, and production lines will be organized in a way that will help operators using their time and energies in the most efficient way. But this also means that all the processes will be designed to ensure absolute quality, punctual delivery and to minimize the impact on the environment minimizing the production of waste. 

The benefits for the local community

Daikin industrial processes are all thought and designed to bring the company to the highest level of manufacturing excellence, and the new manufacturing facility built to produce the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller is not an exception. But other than just excellence in terms of production, Daikin’s investment in the expansions of the production facilities also has the goal of creating value for the local community, ensuring that the industrial activities occur in full respect of the people and the surrounding environment.

The expansion of Daikin Applied Europe’s manufacturing site in Rome, led to a 13% increase of the workforce, creating new jobs, increased work for local suppliers and strenghtened the leadership of Daikin Applied Europe as a pole for the development and the manufacturing of HVAC technologies in Europe. All that maintaining the usual respect Daikin has for the environment,

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