Why part load efficiency is important

Part load efficiency is more and more important when it comes to HVAC systems. It is common knowledge that HVAC systems spend most of their operating hours at conditions other than design. In fact, looking at a typical cooling load profile, it is clear that chillers as well operate at part load for most of their time. This means that the different components of a HVAC system encounter many hours of off-design operation. They need, then, to perform efficiently and reliably at these conditions, too.

So, an efficient chiller can only be so when it has the ability to perform efficiently at part load. But how can a chiller ensure part load efficiency?

Daikin valuable solution for part load efficiency

Daikin has historically delivered great efficiency performances and a great compressor has always been one of the secrets.

Find here a video explaining how Daikin compressor can provide high efficiency and reliability.

Daikin in-house single screw compressor is a very efficient component by design. It integrates ground-breaking technologies like the Variable Volume Ratio and the refrigerant cooled Inverter technology, directly in the compressor’s design, making Daikin products a top choices when it comes to efficiency.

Especially Daikin Inverter technology, is very important for seasonal efficiency. In fact, it  ensures the unit’s load adaptation to the building’s cooling demand, all year round. That basically allows compressors to adjust their effort to the building’s needs in different seasons, making the unit very efficient both at part load and full load. That clearly produces lower costs associated to energy expenditure and a short ROI.

Find here an example of how high-efficiency single screw chillers can be beneficial for a business like a data center.

3rd generation of air-cooled screw chillers

The single screw compressor is one of the main and most important technologies Daikin designed and produced over the years. In fact, it is a flagship technology with over 20 years of installations and positive customer experiences.

This technology, though, doesn’t stop evolving. In fact, Daikin 3rd generation of air-cooled screw chillers feature a totally redesigned single screw compressor.

The new compressor is the answer to the market’s need for higher efficiency at part load at high of higher capacity unit, which will also be able to easily comply with Ecodesign regulations.

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Test your chiller's performance

Having a high effiency solution on paper is great, but being able to actually test it is better.

Daikin offers the possibility to test equipment in a AHRI certified test chamber, which is also independently verified and accredited to test to EN 14511:2013, ISO 9614:2009 and other major HVACR industry standards.

Tests on air-cooled units for the Eurovent testing campaign are also being conducted in the facility. The climatic chamber allows testing chillers  - both air-cooled and water-cooled - up to 2,000 kW cooling capacity, supporting up to 30 fans, at ambient temperatures ranging from -15° C to 52° C, simulating Middle Eastern conditions. Combined with an extended voltage and frequency range, the breadth of configuration options offers the flexibility to simulate all applications in heating and cooling modes at full and part load.

Find in the reference list below some of the factory tests performed at Daikin.

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