Maximum efficiency & eco-friendly unit for a hotel in Eindhoven

Daikin recently provided a multi-scroll EWAT-B chiller with R-32 refrigerant to meet reliability, and energy efficiency targets, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate in a hotel in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The EWAT-B technology is a Compressor type Scroll chiller. The unit supplied offered a cooling capacity of 105 kW.






Total cooling capacity: 105 kW



Customer needs and Daikin solutions


The main purpose of this project was to make the HVAC system serving the hotel more energy efficient and to bring down operative costs while providing the building with an eco-friendly and quiet unit. To fulfill these needs, Daikin supplied a chiller from the Bluevolution Series – the R-32 EWAT-B. This unit can provide high energy efficiency levels and reduced noise emission levels thanks to the low noise acoustic configuration. The EWAT-B Series is part of the first generation of Daikin R-32 chillers, which has started Daikin’s leadership in the design and development of R-32 products. Thanks to the combination of very advanced technology with R-32 refrigerant, this Series can ensure very low direct and indirect CO2 emissions, also reducing businesses' operative costs and helping them meet sustainability targets.

Today, Daikin is the brand with the highest number of R-32 installations in the world, as a testimony to the experience, knowledge, quality, and reliability of its R-32 products.

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