Meeting cooling & heating needs for a famous museum in Venice

Daikin has recently supplied 4 EWWQ-G to meet heating and cooling needs for a famous museum in Venice, Italy. The project’s goal was to replace old machines with heat pumps featuring reversibility on the hydronic circuit, so heating and cooling needs in the building could be simultaneously met while improving energy efficiency by performing heat recovery.


The main challenges & solutions


The customer required an energy performance analysis of previous units, so specifics for new machines could ensure energy efficiency and savings on operative costs. The customers also requested the creation of a new BMS (Building Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System) so the new installation can be constantly supervised.


Daikin provided a BMS and EMS supervision system to fulfill these needs in which all requested data are tracked and transmitted to the customer. It has been estimated that the installation of these new heat pumps will allow the customer to improve energy savings by 34% per year compared to old heat pumps and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 78 tons per year.



Besides that, another important aspect that should be mentioned is heat pumps’ footprint. As the new machines had to fit a tiny installation space, the units had to be small enough to be installed in the existing heating plant. Daikin managed to do that thanks to the 4 units from the EWWQ-G Series, which allowed it to meet capacity and efficiency aspects while still being compact enough to fit the system in a 13-square-meter room.


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